Wingman System Release Alpha 6

Wingman System Version 0.6.1
Date: February 19th, 2016

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The binaries below are for Home Use

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Wingman Framework HomeUse Edition
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Wingman OSS
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Wingman Demos
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ClamShell Compiler
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Release Notes

Many bug fixes and new functionality added to this release.  Strongly recommend downloading the updated ClamShell-VCCE-2.0.0.

Documenation has been updated for the Getting Started Guide, Programmers Guide and ClamShell Users Guide. Next release should show an almost complete WingmanOSS Users Guide, just didn't have time to finish for this release.

Some highlights for this release.

  • Camera class was revamped. The original design did not function very well and was hard to control.
  • WingmanDemo1 sees 3 new demo dialogs added : Camera, TerrainProbe, ScenaryObject Loader
  • A new collision detection class was added to support the XPTerrainProbe class and to support future object detection routines.
  • New Scenery Object Loader class. Loads OBJ8 files and places them an array of locations.
  • Updated the Build System so it's easier to make changes. Only the build.conf file needs to be changed per project and no longer the makefile. Note Makefile no longer needs to be modified even for project name.
  • All XP DataRef types supported including byte,float and double arrays.
  • Added support for XPLM 2.1. This means XPlane 9 is no longer supported.
  • 64bit Linux builds are supported - However due to issues with the VCCE and i386/amd64 archs 32bit Linux build require the old VCCE 1.0.0 VM.


New Product Features

- 0000099: Scenery NPF - Collision Detection w/ XPLMProbe (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000050: System NPF - XPLM Scenery Objects (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000055: System NPF - Support for SDK 2.1 functionality (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000053: Data NPF - Support all Dataref types (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000094: System NPF - Command Register Callback (jkiss) - resolved.

Bug fixes 0.6.1

- 0000109: Build System Links fail for Linux 32bit plugins (jkiss) - closed.
- 0000110: Build System myplugin project template missing folders (jkiss) - closed.

Bug fixes 0.6.0

- 0000107: Views Update XPCamera design (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000108: Demo Add Camera demo (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000102: Demo Add XPLM Probe Demo (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000103: Demo Add XPLM Object Load Demo (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000101: Interface Interface not public for DataGroup and ObjectGroup (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000090: Demo WingmanDemo1 does not display version (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000089: OSS WingmanOSS does not display version (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000098: Build System Update plugin build system (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000093: System Plugins May not run on 64bit Linux (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000077: System Timers do not process Direct Reads or Write (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000087: System Virtual destructor declared in interface classes IConfigurationList and ITargetBuilder (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000092: System Verify SDK calls into plugin application (jkiss) - resolved.
- 0000091: Data Cannot instantiate DataGroup because it is abstract (jkiss) - resolved.


End User License Agreement

Let me start by saying I want you to develop plugins for XPlane, please do so if you can. I really believe that by providing Wingman-ST we will improve features and functionality within XPlane better than it already is. This is my goal, this is why I made Wingman.

Most EULA's sound more difficult then they really are, just a lot of lawyer mumbo jumbo that is hard to understand, so below I've provided a translation that most people can understand.

The HomeUse version linked to this Release Note allows you to:

  • Distribute your plugins as long as they are free, meaning you are not charging for it.
  • Keep your source code closed.

Basically: If you are distributing your plugin for free, I don't give a care what you do but I'm not responsible for anything you break, mame or blow up.

What is not allowed with the HomeUse version:

  • Charge money 
  • Used for a commerical purposes. - Also means if someone has hired you to develop a plugin for them.

I spend a lot of time and effort developing this development system and think its only fair that if you earn money from my work then some should flow back.

So, if you want to charge money for your plugin then please purchase the registered version.  If a third party is using your plugin that is made from the HomeUse version in a commerical setting then they need to purchase a registered license but you don't need to recompile with the registered version. It doesn't cost that much and all purchases help keep Wingman a float.

Now if you want an excuse to gouge out your eyes  click here to read the EULA  

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