Wingman-ST Alpha 6 Release - February 5th, 2016

Wingman is an plugin development system for X-Plane with a C++ framework.


  • Develop plugins on Windows 32, 64 and Linux 64 host operating systems.
  • Cross Compiler for Windows 32, 64 and Linux 64 systems
  • C++11 supported
  • Standard XPLM C API support
  • Compiler optimizer for fast execution
  • Compiles native binaries - faster then interperted languages
  • Object Oriented Framework to X-Plane's XPLM
  • Package builder to distribute plugins
  • Plugin utility (WingmanOSS) provided to assist during development
  • X-Plane FAT plugin format supported

NOTE: Mac support coming soon.

Many improvements from the last release, documentation updates, new classes and updated demos with full source code.

Wingman Alpha 6 Release Notes and Download