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I would avoid doing business with Past Power Parts They were just fine taking my money but very hard to get them to ship. I made an order on May 5th 2020 and finally received part of my order on July 22nd 2020 but only after many emails (every 3-4 weeks) following up on the status. I'm sure if I didn't I would still be waiting for my order. I was told by Zack on July 5th my entire order was ready to be shipped. So what happened to the other part of my order that was not shipped? They decided on their own to use that money to pay for shipping and not tell me my order was not fulfilled. I only found out when my package arrived and had to once again contact them but this time that my order was not complete. They do respond to emails however make lots of excuses and in my case it was all due to COVID-19 impacting their supply chain. Past Power doesnt seem to have a good handle on their own inventory since I was told my entire order would ship but they couldn't fillful my order even after 2 months of waiting. Everywhere else I have ordered from, US and Canada had no problems during this whole COVID-19 mess. Past Power is exactly that, they are in the past, not interested in doing business. They do respond to emails but communication is poor and they mislead me many, many times.

During COVID-19 I want to help out small businesses by purchasing from them as much as I can. However I also want to help you to make good decisions when spending your hard earned dollars.

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