Credit to Dozer from X-Plane.org: Who made the original AircraftSwitcher plugin.


AircraftLoader is a X-Plane 10 Plugin that loads an aircraft linked to a command. Instead of loading your aircraft from the X-Plane menu, you can load it from a keypress or joystick button and keep flying, you don't restart from the nearest airport.

Commands can be bound to either a key on the keyboard or to a button on your joystick.

Full C++ source code is provided when you download the plugin.

As of the latest release:

Configuration is manual, meaning you'll need to edit the configuration file with a text editor.
Edit the File AircraftLoader/Resources/aircraft.conf

Example: Under windows open the file aircraft.conf with notepad.

There are 3 groups to have bind loadable aircrafts to a custom command and under each group is a "NAME=AIRCRAFT.ACF" pair.


AIRCRAFT.ACF is in Wingman's short path format. Short paths are not specific to an operating system and are kept within scope of the executing X-Plane's folder. Description and examples of how to use short paths are in the aircraft.conf file.

Group Name Description
GUI This is for the future GUI front end, maximum of 8 can be defined. NAME is a digit between 1 and 8.
CUSTOM Here you can put in your custom aircraft paths. Name can be anything you want. Best to keep the name unique.
XPLANE_DEFAULT These will give you the default planes that come with X-Plane 10. You should not change these.

If you don't have the AIRCRAFT.ACF path correct X-Plane will tell you and load the default aircraft, which is the Cessna 172.