Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I compile my Wingman plugin for MS-Windows, Linux and Macs?

For MS-Windows and Linux yes. Mac support is coming soon.

2. Can I distribute binaries with the HomeUse edition of Wingman-XT framework library?

Yes as long as you are not charging for your plugin. XPlane is a fantastic flight simulator and you sharing your plugin helps it become event better.

3. Can I sell my plugin compiled with the HomeUse edition of Wingman-XT framework library?

No, if you are profiting from Wingman-XT you must purchase a license. The cost of the license is small in comparison of having to take the time and code what Wingman provides to you.

4. Can I distribute my source code with the HomeUse edition of Wingman?

Yes, of course you can. It's your code, do what you please with it.

5. Do I have to distribute my plugins source code with the HomeUse edition of Wingman-XT?

No. You can can keep your source closed if you like.

6. I want to develop a plugin just for myself, do I have to distribute it if its built with the HomeUse edition of Wingman-XT?

No, as long you are not profiting from your plugin you can develop just for yourself.

7. Why a VM for the compiler?

Sorry for this long response but there is a large problem to solve and the VM fills it very nicely. First XPlane runs on several platforms, second there are different CPU architectures and third, I am just one person and can't possibly support this many host development platforms.

For the first point, XPlane runs on several platforms; Windows, Linux and Macs and a development SDK would be need for all three. So for example, under Windows I would need to provide a cross compiler for Mac and Linux plus host compiler for Windows. Under Linux I would need to provide a cross compiler for Windows, Mac and use the host Linux compiler, and you get the idea when it comes to Mac. So the VM provides a compiler for all platforms and all you need to do is install VirtualBox which by the way runs under MS-Windows, Mac and Linux.

For the second point, same as the first but now I need to provide compilers for not just 32bit but also 64bit. Linux and GNU/Mingw provide all these tools so stick them all under the same VM.

Lastly, I'm just one person and I can't possibly develop and support so may development platforms, just not possible.

Creating the ClamShell-VCCE VM solves all the points and allows you to develop XPlane plugins for, at least for now, Linux and Windows.

8. I'm not a Linux person so can I compile my Wingman plugin using something else other then the ClamShell-VCCE VM?

The simple answer is yes, nobody is going to stop you but why? You have everything in front of you to compile for all XPlane targets. If you sit down for an hour or two and just get used to the VM you'll be farther ahead.

9. Why C++?

Because its the 21st century and it's time to move away from procedural programming. Object orientated programming all around us and provides great benefits when it comes to architecting software. Also, C++ gives you a native host binary which runs faster then any managed application. Lets get down to the meat and bones, XPlane is a flight simulator and it doesn't need or want any help slowing it down.

10. Why is the C++11 standard being used?

C++11 brought in functionality found in Java and C#, not all but some keys ones. The event callback system, delegates, is an example. Prior to C++11 if you wanted a callback to method in any class you had to jump through a lot of hoops to do it or bring in the Boost library.

And why not use it. The standard is released, it works so lets use it.

10. I'm a Java/C# programmer so how do I transition to C++? 

Easy, because C++ is similar enough to either Java or C# that you already know more then you think. I think a few hours spent playing around creating your plugin and Google set in your browser, I'm positive you can do C++.

Just remember in C++ there is no garbage collector so if you allocate an object you must free it at some point.

11. When is Mac support coming?

As soon as possible. I do not have a Mac computer and money raised from the sales of the registered version of Wingman-XT will go to the purchase of one.

11. Where do I report bugs?

On Wingmans website, and please if you find something report it. I can't fix what I don't know about and if I can't reproduce it I can't fix it either. So if you do report a bug, please explain how to reproduce and if you can provide me with source.

12. Will there be other GUI widgets?

After the release of Wingman-XT 1.0.0, I plan to have a whole new widget set to replace the XPLM ones.


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